What is Canola oil?


What is Canola oil? Scientists in Canada developed an edible version of the rapeseed plant, which originally harbored toxic compounds called Erucic acid and Glucosinolates. The name “canola” comes from “Canada” and “ola,”

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Do you Cultivate Gratitude?


Do you Cultivate Gratitude? One of the first things we teach our children to say is “thank you.” Since children get a lot of help with their daily activities, they have many opportunities to

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What’s in Your Water?


What’s in Your Water? There are three different types of drinking water: tap water, filtered water and bottled water. In many countries, tap water is not potable, so it has to be boiled first.

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Do You Drink Bottled Water?


Do You Drink Bottled Water? Most of us drink bottled water at one time or another. It’s sold everywhere—in supermarkets, corner stores, concert venues, theaters, etc. Can we even imagine not drinking bottled water? Realistically,

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