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Nikken’s mission is to help people discover Active Wellness.  We provide the means with “The 5 Pillars of Health”.  Since 1975, Nikken has provided innovative products and income opportunities to live a life in balance and to share the message of every home being a Wellness Home.  Our action plan and easy-to-understand compensation plan create the wondrous new possibilities of building a better future for everyone. It all begins with you and your commitment to The 5 Pillars Of Health.

The Longest-Living People in the World have these 9 things in Common

“In the US, the average life expectancy is 78 years. But there are a few places in the world—specifically Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Icaria, Greece—where living to be over 100 isn’t uncommon at all. In these regions, known as Blue Zones, the life expectancy isn’t just higher; centenarians are generally healthy, their minds and bodies still working well.

National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner spent years studying each culture, pinpointing the exact reasons why they thrived before publishing his findings in the best-selling book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. Buettner found that despite the geographical differences, people living in the Blue Zones all had nine key lifestyle habits in common, which he named the “Power 9.” Here, each pillar is explained, with input from doctors about why it’s so crucially connected to health and longevity. Keep reading for the complete intel, including how to apply the pillars to your own life.”

Read The Full Story Here: https://hotfix-well-good.pantheonsite.io/good-advice/blue-zone-power-9/

Let us introduce you to the life changing idea of a balanced life with the “Nikken 5 Pillars of Total Wellness.”  The Nikken plan is designed to help you achieve these 5 pillars.  It is setup so that anyone, with any schedule or background, can make the balanced life a reality.  We are not talking about simply making a living… or not being sick… We are talking about building a life so you can live our core mission of “Humans Being More”

Healthy Body – It is important that we pay attention to each part of the body and the body as a whole to maintain proper fitness.  Since every part of the body works in conjunction with every other part, it is critical that all parts are healthy and maintained by receiving what they need.  When we decide to care for our bodies as they should be taken care of, we then are treating them as the temples of the spirit that they are.

Healthy Mind – We all know the importance of good physical health, but being mentally healthy can make all the difference in life’s challenges.  You will have a healthier body if you take care of your mind. It’s important for you to take care of yourself so that you can do the important things in life – whether it’s working, learning, taking care of your family, volunteering, enjoying the outdoors, or whatever is important to you.

Healthy Relationships – Family dynamics significantly impact health in both positive and negative ways.  Having a close-knit and supportive family provides emotional support, economic well-being, and increases overall health.  However, the opposite is also true. When family life is characterized by stress and conflict, the health of family members tends to be negatively affected.  Nikken helps you gain a healthy family by working on the body, mind and finances.

Healthy Contributions – Health is an essential component of being human; both the positive and negative connotations have deep resonance with the human psyche.  When we are sick, hurt, dying, the consequences extend beyond the personal, affecting families, communities, the economy and the well-being of our nation.

Our ability to thrive as a country is intricately linked to our health.  Having an educated and trained workforce is not sufficient: physical and mental well-being are necessary for productivity.  The greatest natural resource a society has is its people, and its success depends on how they are nurtured and cared for.

Healthy Finances – Longevity is a sign of sustained health not only in human life but also in the lifespan of a company.  In our changing environment fluctuating global economies a company that endures must have a solid foundation and something special that attracts people throughout the years.

Nikken is a company with humble beginnings that has withstood the test of time after more than 45 years.  Nikken has amassed more than 1 billion dollars in sales with millions of customers and consultants. Discover Nikken for yourself, a company with the tradition of spreading active wellness as the way to healthy living.

With Nikken it is possible to live a balanced life with the five pillars of health, healthy body, mind, family, society and finances.  Nikken is a place for personal growth where you develop a humans being more mindset, where you learn to be both self-reliant and self-confident as well as a helpful team member.  Work the hours you want, with the people you choose, from your home anywhere in the world.

Sharing Nikken means offering the opportunity to earn an income create financial stability or simply save enough for a special occasion, Nikken compensation plan accommodates your goals.  Nikken could be the way to become a business owner. Nikken could also become an entrepreneurial legacy to pass on to future generations. It’s a business where helping others succeed, guarantees your own success.  When you join Nikken, the possibilities are limitless.


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